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Terms and Conditions

  • Subscriber should subscribe either to a base pack (Janta/Popular/Grand/Premium) offered by SITI or A-La-Carte Channels or combination of both.
  • The minimum monthly subscription charges for the Pay channel(s) with or without FTA channel(s) chosen only under “A-la-carte Channels” is Rs 150/- + taxes Extra.
  • The minimum monthly subscription charges for 100 FTA channels chosen only under “A-la-carte Channels” is Rs 100/- + taxes Extra. Channel which are priced between Rs. 0 to 3 are FTA Channels.
  • Minimum subscription period for A-La-Carte channels is 3 months.
  • All channels provided as TOP UP channels are being provided without any additional charges/cost at the sole discretion of SITI Cable Network Limited for limited period with base packages. As all TOP UP channels are being provided by SCNL as free of cost and the same not subscribed by the subscribers, any of the TOP UP channel can be removed after the expiry of the limited time period or at the sole discretion by SCNL without giving any notice.
  • Radio channels are also available with base package.
  • Above packages are applicable in DAS notified areas of selected cities only. Taxes as applicable.
  • Availability of channels may vary from Headend to Headend. Channel listing is subject to change. Schemes are valid till further notice.